Team Karimganj participates in NCW’s seminar on Cyber Safety


Team Karimganj is thrilled to announce our representation in the seminar organized by the National Commission for Women on Cyber Safety & Digital Empowerment on Wednesday, 9th August, 2023. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring online safety and empowerment is of paramount importance. The event consisted of open house discussion on the future of Cyber security – Emerging Trends and Shaping a safer Cyberspace.

The panel included revered administrators and public figures who addressed issues of cyber security from varied standpoints. Ms. S Sundari Nanda, special Secretary, (Internal Security) MHA; Ms. Mira Chatt, Head of Government Affairs & Public Policy, YouTube; Mr. B. Shanker Jaiswal, Joint CP, Cyber Prevention Awareness, CyPad, Delhi Police; Col Pankaj Verma, Business Development – Cyber Security Services, Cisco and Swastika Mukherjee were the panelists for the session which was moderated by Lt Gen. Rajesh Pant, Former National Cyber Security Coordinator, PMO, Government of India.

Relevant cases of fraud and crime were shared by both Ms. S Sundarinanda and Mr. B. Shanker Jaiswal in retrospect, making it evident that cybercrime had become more commonplace than ever. With increasing connectivity and convergence of technologies, mobile gadgets carry the world for us. A click on our laptops can help us talk to our dear ones, thousands of miles away and the same click may make us lose all we had saved in terms of money, self-respect, and other aspects of our life. Victims of cybercrime don’t just suffer physical loss; they also go through tremendous psychological pressure and most of the time the damage or loss cannot be reversed.

Well-informed usage of the online space and calling out cases of cyber bullying in the public sphere is extremely important, said Swastika Mukherjee. Panelists further opined that it is important to understand the psyche of the criminals as they aim at senior citizens and women, who often become soft targets for such activities. Cyber maturity and cyber hygiene are required to protect oneself from any sort of cybercrime. Thus, it is imperative that the tech society creates and ensures awareness programs for them, creating spaces for dialogues and discourses. The government is running such programs consistently at the macro level; however, tech companies must use their resources and help create micro-level deliberations.

A voice of unison resonated during the discussion as all panelists agreed that only awareness and alertness can act as a shield to cybercrime. They urged everyone present to stay alert and spread the knowledge among society generating well-informed cyber citizens. Team Karimganj Foundation hopes to create such bubbles of discussion in the very near future and we are hopeful for initiating a change in our sphere of existence.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the National Commission for Women for organizing this seminar and providing us with an opportunity to enhance our knowledge and skills in this crucial domain.

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