Dr. Nandini Deb joins Team K, to head Strategic Communications


Team Karimganj Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Team K) formally announces the appointment of Dr. Nandini Deb as the Head of our newly formed Strategic Communications division.

Dr. Deb brings with her an extensive experience spanning over 12 years in the media industry. She has previously held the position of a PR executive for a prominent event management company and has subsequently served as a media educator for over 7 years across various esteemed institutes and universities in India. As a journalist, Dr. Deb’s portfolio includes an array of contributions, notable among which is her interview with Mr. Ibrahim Hussain Zaki, the President of the Maldivian Democratic Party. Additionally, her consultancy contributions extend to renowned brands, including her association with Michelin Tires.

Dr. Deb’s philosophy underscores the importance of a robust digital presence and effective communication in propelling businesses to achieve greater milestones. She emphasizes the transformative role of social media in today’s corporate landscape, asserting that with the right strategic presence, both individual and organizational growth can be realised.

Speaking about the appointment, Hrishiraj Bhattacharjee, the Founder & CEO of Team K said “We are honoured to welcome Dr. Nandini Deb to our leadership team. Her distinguished expertise and unwavering dedication to excellence in strategic communication stand out. It’s commendable that Dr. Deb, being a native of Karimganj, chose to forgo opportunities elsewhere to align with Team K’s mission and contribute to the growth of Karimganj. Her professional aspirations resonate seamlessly with the core values and foundational principles of Team K. With utmost confidence, I believe that Dr. Deb will elevate our corporate communication initiatives and play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s forward-looking strategies.”

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